About Hello! I'm Eldon Sarte. SWEATe is my digital sweatshop.

I’ll just hit what I think are the professional highlights here. If you want specifics and details, just contact me.


I’m one of those weird guys who does a whole bunch of different, typically unrelated things very well, and seemingly with little effort — writing and speaking; graphics and design; computer programming and software development; math and science; yada yada.

All the various skill sets do come together pretty well in publishing.

Publishing it is, then!

Which explains why for over 25 years, I’ve been neck deep in all aspects of media and the publishing industry. As a pro, I started working a variety of editorial and data processing/marketing jobs for magazines, including The New RepublicFriends of WINE (Managing Editor, Circulation Director) and Computer Digest (Editor-in-Chief). In the 90s, I went off on my own, developing books, publications and courseware for corporate clients.



Unfortunately, in 1996, I had to undergo four extensive and lengthy brain surgeries to remove what the doctors thought at first was a massive brain tumor. Lucky me, it was non-cancerous, but the extremely difficult and delicate procedures managed to take their toll: I spent a considerable amount of time in therapy and rehab afterwards, and have had to adjust to living with a number of resulting disabilities since.

I’m back in business!

But lucky me #2: The Internet exploded! It let me continue serving and helping people “virtually” online, without any of the darned physical challenges getting in the way. Yaaay!

I started writing and publishing e-Factory Newsdesk, a daily email “ezine” newsletter that became The Dirtsmart Netpreneur, a popular small business ezine. It was acquired by e-publishing pioneer I also joined the startup and helped develop and produce a line of over 80 business and career ebooks; I also wrote and produced the very first ebook it sold in its library, .COMstruction: The Basics.

In 2000, I launched, a business site for independent writers, which gained in popularity for a spell, earning a spot on Writer’s Digest magazine’s annual list of Top 100 Websites for Writers.

I’ve published and sold a number of non-fiction Kindle titles on Amazon through the years (Wordpreneur ReloadedGolfpreneur: eBayWordpreneur PeepsFrom Free to BookOnline Ka-ching!, etc.). Now outdated, I’ve taken them out-of-print, and have been working on new lines of Kindle books.

Today, I consult and continue to take on freelance assignments (writing/editing, publishing, WordPress development, graphic design); publish and run websites and blogs; and write my own stuff, just for fun!

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