About SWEATe is Eldon Sarte’s Sweatshop

For over 25 years, Eldon has been neck deep in all aspects of media and the publishing industry. As a pro, he started working a variety of editorial and data processing/marketing jobs for magazines, including The New Republic, Friends of WINE (Managing Editor, Circulation Director) and Computer Digest (Editor-in-Chief). In the 90s, he went off on his own, developing books, publications and courseware for corporate clients.

Unfortunately, in 1996, Eldon had to undergo four extensive and lengthy brain surgeries to remove what the doctors thought at first was a massive brain tumor. To his luck, it was non-cancerous, but the extremely difficult and delicate procedures took their toll: Eldon spent a considerable amount of time in therapy and rehab afterwards, and has had to adjust to living with a number of resulting disabilities since.

But to his good fortune, the Internet happened! He could continue serving and helping people “virtually” online, without any of his physical challenges getting in the way.

The Dirtsmart NetpreneurEldon started writing and publishing e-Factory Newsdesk. an email “ezine” newsletter that became The Dirtsmart Netpreneur, a popular small business ezine. It was acquired by e-publishing pioneer Intellectua.com, who also hired Eldon to help them develop and produce a line of over 80 business and career ebooks.

WordpreneurIn 2000, Eldon launched Wordpreneur.com, a business site for independent writers, which gained in popularity for a spell, earning a spot on Writer’s Digest magazine’s annual list of Top 100 Websites for Writers.

Today, Eldon continues to take on freelance assignments (writing/editing, WordPress development, graphic design); publishes and runs his own websites and blogs; and authors books he releases independently on Amazon.


  • The man is whole-brained!

    I’ve worked with Eldon on many projects over the years, and he is just hands down one of the best writers I know. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he is very highly-skilled with computers and I.T., and a strong graphic designer as well.

    Right-brained? Left-brained? The man is whole-brained!

    Michael Werner
    InfoSource, Inc.; SimpleK12
  • Did more than I expected.

    My first book I knew had to be edited by a professional. Not that I can’t write; I can. The reason is that I was too close to it and knew I was missing things.

    But finding an editor was daunting. I wanted the best, of course. Still, there really is no way to know who is the best except by personal experience. Finally, after wallowing around in the waters of uncertainty for long enough, I hired Eldon Sarte.

    Let me tell you now, I was genuinely pleased with Eldon’s work. He demonstrated a grasp of what I wanted to say and did more than I expected an editor to do. Not only did he point out places that may be unclear to the reader, he also provided rewrites of some problematic paragraphs.

    Without Eldon, 52 Good-to-Know Techbits would likely have become known as the Lots of Distracting Errorbits.

    I’m hoping Eldon will be available when I’m ready to have my next one edited.

    Will Bontrager